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Monday, January 4, 2010


Part 3 of 5
For Part 1 go to In Wyoming for the Wedding. For Part 2 go to New Year's Eve/Wedding Rehearsal

I failed to mention the "tux fiasco" in the previous posts. I guess there wasn't really a place for it, but it definitely deserves a few lines! On Wednesday (two days before the wedding) Chet, Priscilla, Tom, and Jared (2 groomsmen) went to Billings to pick up Kaleb (groomsman) and pick up tuxes. When they arrived at the tux shop and asked to pick up the order the clerk looked it up and informed them, "There is no order." Thus began a two-hour process of scrambling, measuring, calling the three groomsmen who were driving somewhere in eastern Montana, measuring again, complaining, and getting very little customer service, no apology, and no discount from the store. If you're thinking, "That's why you should always check things ahead of time"--they did! The original order was placed several months ago and two weeks ago Chet and Priscilla went into the store to hand deliver the measurement cards and check on the order.

That's "tux fiasco" part one. Part two came on the day of the wedding when the guys got dressed. One had a torn pocket and side seam, one popped a coat button (no, it wasn't too tight), and one had a ripped out crotch--not just the seam, but torn fabric. Thankfully, Mary had a sewing kit. So, an hour before the wedding I was mending tuxes!

Chet and his groomsmen, Back row: Kaleb (cousin), Chet, Tom (MTU football friend and housemate), Marty (cousin) Front Row: Joey (brother), Keith (brother), Jared (MTU football friend and housemate)

We tried to do a pall-bearer-funeral picture for fun but couldn't get a very-excited-Chet to play the part.

Don Thomas and Chet, waiting

The guys stepped outside to cool off while they waited.

Bryce, Owen, Lisa, and Gabe waiting

Nicole, Ellen, Papa, and Grandma waiting

Flower girl Sarah waiting

Owen, definitely very bored with waiting.

While everyone else was waiting, Priscilla was having some pictures taken. They were worth the wait.
Mary and Priscilla--perhaps my favorite picture of all

Don and Priscilla

Priscilla with Grandma B, Chet stole her heart by just being Chet and immediately and affectionately calling her "Gramma B". That boy has a way with Grandmas!

The ladies: Tawny (friend), Anna (sister), Julia (sister), Priscilla, Lydia (sister), Julia (friend), Marta (friend)

A little more light-hearted

A lot more light-hearted


Rather serious

Meanwhile, Chet is looking pretty serious himself right before the wedding.

For Part 4 go to Chet and Priscilla's Wedding.

1 comment:

Dana said...

Where was I when all this waiting was going on? Oh yeah! Frantically trying to set up the guest book, pinning bouteniers (spelling's so off there) on grandparents, ushers, etc...and holding an impatient ring bearer who just wanted to go play but couldn't because his tux might get messed up and his flower smashed. :)