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Sunday, January 16, 2011

I love winter!

I do, I really do LOVE it! I don't necessarily like going out in it too much. I get cold and impatient with the bundling--moreso with the thinking about it though than the actual doing it; but, not so much that I dislike the season. It is so beautiful and happy. I went through scrapbooks a few weeks ago looking for outdoor winter pictures to go in a snowman frame I have and the best pictures I had were 20 years old! I don't get out in the snow with the camera too often (OK, I don't get out in the snow too often period). However, my days/excuses of staying in with a baby are over. And my days of going out with the baby/toddler and needing hands for the little one rather than manning a camera are over. So, when I sent the boys out to shovel last week I followed them.

I came in a few minutes before they did in order to have this on the table when they followed. Everyone enjoys it, of course, but Lisa spoke for them all when she said, "I just LOVE it when you have snacks all ready for us like this!" Of course they do, so why don't I do it more often?!


Anonymous said...

1st... when you're done being a homeschooler you could be a professional photographer.

2nd... if you had snacks like that daily, they would just "expect" them instead of appreciating the thought and love that are added in an extra amount.


3rd... couldn't agree more, I love living where there is winter in all it's forms, especially when watching out the window, but it's great to get out there sometimes.

Kara Jo said...

Great pics! *Smiling* over here. :)
...But still hung up on the fact that with 11 children you've had time to scrapbook? You amaze me. Truly.

Mrs. E said...

Hey Cindy! So glad to hear from you since I've been thinking of you in Hawaii! Welcome Home! We missed your boys at the game on Tuesday.

For the first time this year, I just came inside from sledding down the hill with the kids. Next time I need to bring the camera.

Oh, and those yummy snacks all ready for the kids. I love it!. . . Aunt Susie would have been impressed!! ;)

Keelie said...

Love the pics Aunt Cindy! And your creativity with them! Do you have software or do you use a website that does all that cool stuff?