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Friday, February 4, 2011

"Sick" Humor

Very recently, as I was laid low from the flu, one of my wise-guy-kids just couldn't resist a little joke.

I'd been flat in bed for a straight 36 hours (with just 24 more to go) and I woke up to see a fresh glass of crushed ice by my bedside--awww.

Taking a closer look I noticed the secoond "gift".

Nothing cheers you up like a distressed GI Joe!

I wasn't so sick I couldn't appreciate it (only so sick I couldn't move or eat). Later, one of my boys came in to visit for awhile and I mentioned that if nothing else this was a good sidekick to my fitness/diet plan. He said (seriously) I should spend more time on the Wii Fit. I told him I thought I would just stick to the Wii Sick--what could be easier, do nothing lose eight pounds!

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