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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Preschool Percussion

FYI--If you hear your preschool son making an innocent tapping noise, check it out.

What you do not want to find is the preschooler straddling a dining room chair and tapping an inverted, full bottle of maple syrup into his lap.

The bad news--I had a full 12-ounce puddle dripping from shirt to pants to socks to chair to floor to clean up.

The good news--the work we've been putting into music training is paying off; the tapping was done in a nice, steady, rhythmical beat.


Jamie said...

Oh wow! I hate just cleaning it up off the table, I can't even imagine what 12oz of it all over the place must have been like. Glad he's got good rhythm. ;)

Anna Misner said...

I love how you always notice the positive side in every situation, even when it could be hard to find. It is very inspiring!