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Friday, February 25, 2011

Purple for Kaylee Hope

Joey and Jamie called yesterday to let me know that the preliminary tests results are in and they do have a little girl who is missing a chromosome--Turners Syndrome. Joey posted about their daughter, her name, her favorite things, making as many connections to her beautiful personness as possible in whatever time they will have with her. You can read his tender words here.

From now until Kaylee Hope's birth, or her death, whichever comes first, my blog will be purple and I am going to wear something purple. It will be my constant reminder to pray for her. I don't really think I need a reminder, I don't think I could make myself stop, but I want an outward expression of the reminder. I want a visible sign that I am cheering for her and loving her and her parents and brother and sister. I figured that if she's a girl who likes the smell of lavendar, the feeling of being twirled around in the air, and the taste of RMCF carmel apple then she would definitely prefer purple over 'sackcloth and ashes'.


Joey said...

Thank you. I love the purple!

Anonymous said...

Purple has always been my favorite color, I will NEVER look at it the same again.

It will remind me as well.Prayers for you all!