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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

India Trip Part 2

Here are some excerpts from yesterday's communication.
Time is going incredibly well here.
Overwhelmed with newness.
Not yet adjusted to clock. Trying to stay up later tonight. I think if I can make it to 9pm will be good.
Food has been ok. no digestion issues.

In response to my question about what to post on the blog he said:
I have not looked at your blog yet, but can tell you they have been very specific with instruction not to put anything specific on internet. And after seeing all of the military guns and spies and “intelligence” people evidence just for me and Daniel - I get the local picture very well. More convinced than ever before that America has been richly blessed by our God for our collective worship of Him as a society. The effects of spiritual darkness are so clear here as you take in the “normal” way of life of the non-believing portion of the people.

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Kristina said...

The Schulz family is praying for you.