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Friday, October 21, 2011

My Lovely Ladies

While Keith and Daniel were half a globe from home and Chet was half a day away playing football, I planned a White Women's Weekend for my daughters/daughters-in-law. What a pleasure it was to spend an evening and a day with such an exceptional group of young women!

It took a bit of doing to make it all possible.
--Joey stayed home with Carson and Keira and gave Jamie the weekend off to be with the girls. Thank you Joey!!
--Keith and David kept Vince and Karissa at Keith's house so that Ellen and Coley could be free and we could use Dana's house for our night out and slumber party. Thank you Keith and David!!
--Lisa's friend Katie had a birthday overnight party allowing Lisa to get a fun night out while I spent the evening with just the adult daughters (Lisa joined us for the baby shower the next day). Thank you Katie!!
--And finally, Clara F. came to the house to care for Gabe while my boys were at the homecoming football game. Thank you Clara!!
It took a lot of cooperation, love, and sacrifice to allow us to have our weekend!

We met at an area restaurant for supper--yeah, no cooking!

After dinner we headed to Dana's house for the evening. We talked, ate M&Ms, had a devotional, and wrote out cards for each woman telling her something positive that we appreciated about her or an attribute that we saw in her. You can see how seriously everyone took it.

It wasn't all serious, though. We played a game, ate more M&Ms, and drank coffee and hot chocolate. Beautiful girls!!

On Saturday, a baby shower was given to first time moms Priscilla and Dana.

Our three expectant mothers, all looking wonderful!

I feel immeasurably blessed to have these six lovely ladies in my life, and to have spent a very special weekend with them all.

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Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you. Your lucky, lovely ladies are blessed to have you to organize these events.. they will know how much they are appreciated something many young moms ( and moms to be) don't always feel.