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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

India Trip Part 6

I believe this will be the final post before the men return. As expected we heard very little from them during their final leg of their trip. I received a few texts that give a small picture of how they were interpreting their surroundings:

Sunday night:
Laying down near the end of the earth.

Monday morning:
Last travel day today. About 10 hours of driving ahead in between service stops. Looking forward to tonight back at Saripalli home in bed.

Monday evening:
We're currently in the 4th lane of a 2 lane road. By far the craziest driving experience of my life--far worse than Manhattan and more dangerous than anything with all the thousands of humans along the way. Spaghetti supper awaits with Gaynor and family if we make it.

Monday night at 11 pm:
Made it. Able to sit down to table for supper. Looking so forward to bed.

Received earlier today, Tuesday evening in India:
Am on the plane in Hyderabad. Halleluia. I have enjoyed this immensely and have no regrets about the effort. Heading for 5:20 am arrival time in Chicago, IL USA

Ellen and I watched the clock throughout the day and commented on where they were and how soon they would be here. Kind of like counting your chickens before they are hatched I'm afraid. The phone rang at 2:30 pm (1:00 am India time) when the plane should have been flying westward over the western edge of India with Keith and Daniel in their seats. It was Keith, not in his seat. His first words were, "I have bad news". Thankfully it wasn't catastrophic news, just bad. They were not able to board for reasons that Keith was not willing to divulge during his one-minute call. He mentioned something about "rules in India" and "closing the gate" and "not making sense". Lord willing, they will be on the next flight (24 hour delay) and there can be a full post of the more significant aspects of the trip by this weekend.

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