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Saturday, October 8, 2011

India Trip Part 5

This email was sent on Thursday night
This will probably be my last contact. Am writing you from Saripalli living room. Wonderful family. Tomorrow we begin the journey to the field for days till the end. Excited about the new experiences that await us. The time in NE India exceeded all expectations.
However, it was not our last contact. I have received a phone call and several texts. I seems very strange to be texting half-way around the world, for 5 cents a text! He said there is no more need for secrecy. Saripalli refers to Indian native/pastor/missionary Joel Saripalli from near Hyderabad. (In our homeschool research we have learned that Hyderabad is a sort of "Christian stronghold" in India--with a 'whopping' 2.9% considered to be Christians and 1/3 of those considered evangelistic.)

Keith and Daniel spent Thursday evening the Saripalli home with Joel, his wife Gaynor, and their four sons. He spoke very highly of them all. We met the Saripallis about 2 1/2 years ago when they were in the US and it seems their gracious spirits are present at home as well as abroad. More from Keith, Friday morning:
Off to Gloyland today and points east till reach ocean.
Sent Friday night:
Laying down to sleep. 11:20 pm. Vijawayda, in "house" on bank of Krishna River where many Durga goddesses from Hindu festival have been disposed in tonight while we were worshipping in bldg adjacent to Pastor Boaz (Christian name) house. What an experience.
I'm not sure if he may have meant "disposed of" but then I'm not too sure what that would really mean either. It's something when something is so foreign that the explanation needs explaining. I hope to hear more.

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Joey said...

I knew I recognized Hyderabad when I read this but I couldn't remember why. Then at work today I was reminded. We have a team in Hyderabad and a few of my coworkers are heading out there next week.

It's been great to be able to read the updates!