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Thursday, October 6, 2011

India Trip Part 4

Here are a few observations from Daniel on the first leg of their trip. They are now at their second destination and I look forward to hearing news of their travels soon.
It’s been an incredible trip. This first part ...has been amazing. The people are wonderful. The way the classes have gone, we teach for 30-45 minutes, and _____takes notes the whole time because only half the theology class (of 45 students) understands English and the rest speak ____________. Then, when we are done he goes over what was taught in (their language) so the rest of the class can get it, and even the English speaking ones can get another take in their mother language. Can you believe the classes have been some of the best parts of the trip? .....Maybe I am just getting more and more comfortable as a teacher, but really I think it is all just the Lord. He has given me insight in preparing that I could not have manufactured on my own. He has helped me put the classes together just right, and then has given me additional words and points to make once I am actually teaching that I didn’t plan on saying, but fit perfectly into the flow of the message... I took the chapel time this morning for the students of ____________, (grades 6-10)...

Anyway, all this is just to say that the teaching has been a huge blessing, and that’s a surprise because I thought it would be the worst part. I’ve been convicted of my lack of faith, and lack of trusting God, and His design in putting me in this situation, and instead grumbling about “why me, why this burden.” He has provided me with everything I have needed and more in order to do this work, and sometimes He has done it the day before, or the day of, or even in the very moment.

I keep thinking how cool it would be to take some young guys from the church over here to see the campus and the culture and everything involved. it would be such an eyeopener for some people. It’s very similar here to what I experienced in Haiti, except not quite as bad. Haiti is pretty bad. Maybe it will be worse in __________, that’s what _______said anyway, like hardcore slums, but here it isn’t so bad. _____________still has swarms of people, cars, bikes, animals all swarming everywhere. It’s crazy.

We just got back from hanging out with some medical students from the medical university here in _________. They are believers, and were actually at the campus that ________oversees this past weekend for a camp. They are all involved in....a campus parachurch ministry, similar to Campus Crusade, but I think a bit more doctrinally sound. We met them on Sunday, but they went home Monday and your dad wanted to see them some more, so we went in, looked at the hospital and medical center, and then saw their dorms and hung out for a couple hours. It was really fun, good fellowship with these guys, and just a blessing.

I’ve been praying more, reading, meditating, memorizing, studying, preaching, teaching, fellowshipping, singing, praising, thanking, laboring for the Lord to a degree I don’t think I ever have before, and it feels good. I am tired but not worn out. I feel spent in a good way, because I know that it matters. I feel so blessed to be here, and I’m just looking forward to what else the Lord is going to do.

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Kimomma said...

Praise the Lord, to be spent in His ministry, in His time. I am rejoicing with the great cloud of witnesses.