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Friday, March 27, 2009

Animals that Crossed our Path--Chile

I would not have guessed that animal life would have factored greatly into this trip. I was wrong. It did, both domestic and wild.

We could not get over all of the stray dogs, everywhere! They would lie on the city streets and not budge when cars drove near. They were in the small towns, on the country roads, and on the beach. I would have expected wild dogs to look mangy and rough, but only one dogs out of hundreds fit that description. Keith called them all "Pooch".

Be careful of the domestic cow found in various national parks!

We called these alpacas but later learned that they are probably vicunas. They were abundant in the desert early in the morning.

Also wandering around the desert were several emus. Here is a zoomed in shot and then a regular shot of the same scene to give perspective of the desolate landscape favored by this bird. (The emu is the dark spot in the center left of the picture.)

We also came upon a herd of fourteen llamas who were not at all shy about having us join them.

This Atacama Salt Flat is the perfect home for migrating flamingoes.

A seabird.

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