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Monday, March 9, 2009

Family Life for Ellen

Dear Ellen,
Since you can't download pictures on your computer I'm posting them here for you.

Bryce playing basketball.

Chet with Lisa and the Keranen girls.

Gabe still loves to play with his shadow.

The new family room, taken from the bottom of the stairs.

Looking back up the stairs.

Mama went to the Solo/Ensemble competition while Daddy "watched" Gabe. Gabe found his way into our closet and helped Daddy rearrange his clothes!

Here's what happens when Bryce starts playing with the camera. Doesn't he look like Shane here?

This is Lisa looking contemplative. Maybe she's thinking about you, Ellen. Last night we were talking and she stopped me and said, "Don't say that word." I asked what word and she said, "Ellen. Don't say Ellen, it always makes me cry when you say her name," and then she started getting choked up.

We love you!


Dana said...

Even though there are NO pictures of me becaue I'm never at home
(which I hope is going to change starting NOW) I still love you too!!!

Ellen said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL OF THESE. I really, really enjoyed this. Lisa, I LOVE you. You'll see me before you know it. :-)