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Monday, March 9, 2009

Gabe is Three!

Gabe woke up to a chorus of "Happy Birthday!"s and "How old are you?"s and from the start he gleefully entered into the excitement of this birthday.

After watching Lisa two weeks ago Gabe was ready to take center stage.

Gabe LOVES books and this "Snowy Day" boardbook will be read a million times, I'm sure. (2 down, 999,998 to go)

Blowing wasn't working so he tried to "stamp out" the fire with his new blocks. (Not a very traditional birthday cake, but this carmel apple cake is delicious and Gabe didn't care at all!)

Putting ALL of the blocks away.

"How old is Gabe?" "Three!" I love the choice of fingers.


Keelie said...

What a cutie! And what a great book! I might have to get that one!
I also love the choice of fingers! Impressive!:)

Dana said...

MISTER GABE!!! ah, I LOVE my little man!