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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Secret Language

We checked out library books and videos to increase our sign language vocabulary for Gabe. He is talking, but signs are still easier and help with comprehension. Lisa is very interested and has been teaching herself the alphabet and other new signs.

She came to me and told me something in sign the other day and I said, "That's great Lisa, keep up the good work." What I was implying was, "It's a beneficial and loving thing for you to use your time to learn to communicate with those who are impaired with verbal communication."

Lisa didn't take it that way. She just grinned slyly and said, "Yah, I like to talk to people and they don't know what I'm saying!"


Keelie said...

Grandma used to get annoyed with Keesha and me when we would sign to each other - "that's as bad as whispering!" she'd say.:) We kind of enjoyed our "secret language.":)

Mommy said...

That's funny! I think I'd rather choose to believe that she is just being thoughtful. It's the flesh and the spirit at war! Practically speaking....