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Friday, March 27, 2009

Places in Chile

I have divided our trip into five posts, each focusing on a different element of the trip. I begin with the places because they are the most general to begin with to give an overview of our time in Chile. These are also presented in sequence--the other posts not necessarily so.

The changing of the guard at the palace in Santiago.

The Atacama Desert--the driest place on earth. Notice that there is NO vegetation.

A quaint Latin American village/town

The route to the sunset

The geysers (they pronounced it gee-zers) at sunrise. Notice the not-so-forboding ring of rocks, there to warn visitors not to step too close.

Water is Life

Salt Flats as far as you can see. Storm clouds in the distance. We were treated to a rain shower (even used the windshield wipers) in the Atacama, complete with thunder and a rainbow. (The white figure in the middle is Keith, click on the picture and you can get a close up and really see what the salt rocks look like.)

Sunsets--always an awesome display of God's handiwork.

The road (and I used the term loosely) to a National Park.

Our final view of Santiago.


Abigail said...

Those are so beautiful! I especially like #s 6,9,&10. I'm glad y'all had a great trip

Keelie said...

Wow!! I've just read through all the posts (backwards I guess since this one was last for me) and what an awesome experience!!! I loved all the posts, really enjoyed your one on Uncle Keith! It's so awesome to see a marriage that is still so beautiful!
Thank you for sharing your experience!