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Friday, February 27, 2009

Gabe Update

Whatever you call him--Gabe, Gabers, Mister, Dude, Punkadunk--if you love him here's your update. I thought of you, Ellen, saying how you missed him and thought you'd like to know what Mr. Almost Three is up to.

He still loves his "apple" videos but gets bored more quickly and wants variety. He loves watching Little Bear and Barney with Lisa.

If he wants something he is finding alternatives to yelling.
Last week he grabbed my leg and pushed me into the kitchen for an "oonk" (drink).
Last night he sat in his chair singing, "Mama, mama, mama," with his hands spread out for 'all done'.

Yesterday he climbed on the table to get a drink from a glass of water sitting there. He doesn't have the tipping technique down yet and poured the water into his face and all down his shirt.

He was momentarily distressed until he figured out another way to get his drink.

When Daddy got home from work yesterday he ran to him with arms open yelling, "Daddy, Daddy, Hi Daddy!"
I put him in his chair this morning and asked, "Do you want to eat?" and he said, "OK".
A few weeks ago at the ice scultures he ran ahead of me but kept stopping every five or ten feet and looking to see if I was coming. He also does that at the library now, too. Yeah!!
He still loves to climb and pushes chairs around to get up to otherwise inaccessible heights.

I told him I wanted to take his picture and he got shy.

I told him I wanted one for Ellen and he cooperated wonderfully!

Blog Update: "Child 4" left a comment saying, "If you had asked him to take a picture for Chet he would have done a trick. Guaranteed."

I tried it. "Gabe, let's take a picture for Chet!"

Just to make sure it wasn't a fluke I told him, "Now, let's take another one for Ellen."

Sorry Chet, I don't know what to tell you!


rebekah kamin said...

he is adorable!

Child 4 said...

If you had asked him to take a picture for Chet he would have done a trick. Guaranteed.

Keithslady said...

Thanks, Rebekah, we're rather partial to him!

Child 4--I tried taking a pic for you, check out the update for the result.

Anonymous said...


that's what I do.

Daniel said...

whoops. that wasn't meant to be anonymous...

Shane said...

What do you do? moon Chet or smile for Ellen?

Keelie said...

I enjoyed the laugh those last pictures brought! What a ham...and a doll!:)

Ellen said...

Oh, Mister Gabe!!!! I love that little man so much! I'll have to call him on his birthday. I wonder if he'll talk.