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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Which is it?

It's been almost a year and I'm still spinning three days a week. I've pretty much got the routine down and can do a good imitation of an "old pro" if Iwant to. There's just one thing I haven't got figured out.

When effervescent Sue yells out, "Keep your core tight!" followed by "Relax your upper body!", what is she saying?


Kari at Breast Cancer Ride said...

Let me chime in. She is say tighten up your abs keeping your core strong..however, drop your shoulders and don't let them (or your arms) get tight. Does that make sense? A lot of times when people spin they tighten their entire upper body including shoulders and they get a sore neck and upper back. Hope that helps!

Keelie said...

This totally reminds me of the exercises I'm doing right now in preparation for labor and delivery. I'm supposed to work my abdominal muscles while relaxing my pelvic floor muscles and vise versa...I'm not exactly sure how to do this and if it's even possible... I really hate this kind of exercising! Give me a good walk and I'm happy!:)
I would love to ask you questions about preparing for labor...if you did. My husband doesn't think anybody really does what I'm doing, but I have some issues and I'm trying to be proactive about them.:/

kristi noser said...

You know what a girdle does for your babybelly and a sports bra does for your frontal regions? Yeah, that's it.

Keithslady said...

Kristi, I like your explanation the best. Kari, I know however that yours is right--you are the the biking queen. Keelie, hang in there and if you figure out how to work your abs while relaxing that floor let me know. My goal was to never relax those pelvic muscles. I figured if I ever did they'd never contract again and all my insides would be dragging on the floor! Send any questions, I tend to remember a lot....