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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I finally decided to try to get some use out of our YMCA membership. The children get their money's worth, but I'm definitely a cash cow for their marketing department (interpret that any way you like). I looked through the options. Although I feel it would be right up my alley, the "Silver Sessions" were not available to me, I didn't even think twice about joining "Boot Camp", and "Flower Planting in Pots" would not work with my colorless thumbs.

But I did see one class that caught my eye--"Spinning". I have several friends who raise animals and spin their own wool. I've watched them do it and have thought it might be fun to try. I figured it would also give my arms a workout and I could count it as exercise so I signed up. I showed up yesterday for my class and was greeted by Overzealous Sue in spandex and leather gloves. Before I could open my mouth she had me mounted on a stationary bike and was yelling at me to "adjust to a phase two", "increase a full turn", "set the tension high and pedal while standing for 50 turns", and "remember to breathe"! Maybe I only pretended to turn the dial and counted by twos but I made it through that 60 minute 'spinning class'.

Does panting count as breathing?


Carla Stream said...

Feelin that burn, then?

Keithslady said...

Only when I move. And I can't move.

Kari said...

My sister is a superstar (watch out Lance...cuz here she comes!!) Spin away my dear and join me on the (shameless little plug there!) I love you! Kari

kristi noser said...

I decided spinning class was not for me when I saw a lady come out of the class and announce to all standing in the hall that her crotch would never be the same.

MaryLu said...

Maybe you should read the descriptions a little more carefully!