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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day or Bah Humbug?

I like Valentines Day. I used to like decorating a box for school. I liked exchanging cheap cards with my classmates and giggling about who got which sentiment from whom. I liked delivering singing Valentines in high school and making heart shaped sugar cookies. And I LOVED waking up this morning to a Cadbury chocolate bar and a dozen roses.

But I remember NOT liking the day. It came somewhere between the “this is a fun diversion to normal life” and “what a sweet sentiment from my darling husband”. I remember fearing that someone might express something that I didn’t want to be burdened to gently let down. I remember “breaking up” with a “sort of boyfriend” because I knew he’d go over the top and make me feel guilty. I remembered it being a holiday that just didn't fit me.

My 17 year old daughter keeps saying, “I hate Valentines Day.” She was the one who poured herself so enthusiastically into making beautifully decorated cards just a few years ago. But she’s in that Valentines Day no man’s land. I think her sentiments would match up with Daniel Gardner’s. His “Valentine’s Day Pain” video sort of sums it all up for you non-romantics. But don’t worry, you should grow out of it. That special someone could be out there. And Dana, maybe “Pat” in the second video is the guy for you.....




MaryLu said...

Oh my! Is that all that is out there? I'm so glad I'm not looking!
Yikes, that Pat Hetic guy is pathetic! Oh, I just got it! Snort snort!

Keelie said...

Thanks for the laugh!:) And WOW, Uncle Keith is quite the romantic!
One of those in between years for me, my dear friend Mikaela sent me flowers at work and I decided, 'with girlfriends like that, who needs guys?!' So, for another of my dear friends who's in that stage right now, I gave a small Valentine gift today.:)

Keithslady said...

That's so good that you remember how it felt and reach out to someone else.