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Friday, February 15, 2008

Gabe is So Big!!

Mr. Gabe had his two year check up yesterday and, while he doesn't fit a typical development chart, he just charmed the socks off all the nurses and doctor. His pediatrician looked at a growth analysis (made with answers to a questionairre I filled out) and said, "based on the analytical information it appears that Gabe's most delayed area of growth is his personal and social development, but he's done nothing BUT socialize and interact with me since I walked in the room" and gave the chart a dismissing wave of her hand. I like that kind of doctor! Gabe didn't cry when he had blood drawn (the needle up a vein in the arm type of draw), he turned pages and 'read' a book while having his heart and lungs listened to, and squirmed like crazy to get up when he was on his back being checked. And he smiled and jabbered and waved and clapped on cue for everyone. Gabe weighed in at 23.5 pounds fully clothed and was 32 inches long. That's about how big my other boys were at one year! However, for the first time he's made it onto a normal growth chart--at 5%! Go Gabe!


kristi noser said...

I remember seeing Gabe at the softball game you came to. What a little snuggle-bug. We all loved him!

Keithslady said...

He is still a snuggler. Ask him to give love and he he folds his arms across his chest, sways back and forth, and says, "Ohhhhhh". He's in danger of being loved to death I fear!

Keelie said...

What a cutie! I can't believe how big he is - I still have him pictured as the 8 month old I held a couple Thanksgivings ago.

NoOtherName said...

Wow--look at all that hair! He didn't have near as much at the wedding! Of course, he was only half his age then. What a sweetie!

Carla Stream said...

I love that Gabers!! I wanna squeeze him up!!