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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Family Footsteps

I have pictures that capture the decades of memories. Snuggled up under a nightlight, five year old Joey reading to three year old Keith long after their bedtime. Bryce snoozing with his favorite book, "Are You My Mother", propped on his stomach. Dana dozing over her American History book. There are even more unrecorded memories, like my new husband falling to sleep while I read aloud and Lisa tucked in with her entire library. We have a family of readers and now Gabe is joining the tradition. He loves to read picture books, board books, magazines, the church hymnal, you name it. If it has pages he's all over it--without any ripping. I put him down for his nap yesterday with one of his fabric books (my favorite, with the original Winnie the Pooh). Apparently he scooted into a corner for his reading session and Dana found him dozing over it 20 minutes later.

Can't believe I forgot to take off his shoes. And yes, Dana laid him down after capturing the moment. We don't need to start chiropractic on Gabe just yet!

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Kara Jo said...

I love it! That's precious.