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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Dana had her wisdom teeth
removed on Monday.
The 45 minutes procedure
took only 30 minutes and
the 30 minute recover
took only 5 minutes.
She came out of the
anesthesia as if she just
woke up from a nap. She
has no bruising, no nausea,
no stiffness, no bleeding.
She got to take two days
off of school and had a
friend over Monday night
to talk and watch movies.
She gets to eat ice cream,
juice bars, smoothies,
yogurt, and pudding all day.

I think she DESERVES to look like this!


NoOtherName said...

Love the wide-open eyes and "Hot Chick" T-shirt to go with the chipmunk cheeks!

MaryLu said...

Maybe I should have had mine done when I was her age. I'm afraid it won't be so nice when my destist decides they need to go!
She looks great, I'm impressed!