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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My new favorite day

Growing up I loved Friday, when my children were all under six it was Monday, and more recently it's been Sunday. But a new day is edging into the favorite spot. Why?

My husband gave me the most awesome gift of a three hour vacation one day a week for TWELVE weeks. He hired a child care professional (my beloved daughter-in-law Nicole) to come every Thursday from 11 to 2 to care for the home and its occupants. Meanwhile, I am free to do what...ever...I...want! Tomorrow marks my fifth vacation day and I'm SO EXCITED already.

Thursday--I love you!

Thank you Coley and Keith!


Kara Jo said...

That's awesome! What a gift! Enjoy every minute.

Keelie said...

That is awesome!!! I was just able to get away for the first time overnight - wow! It was the best and definitely needed!:)