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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine Surprise

I thought it was just the two of us, driving to Wausau for dinner and a night away from the family.

I was surprised when we just happened to "bump into" Marty and Kelly at the restaurant. We casually decided to eat dinner together ("change that reservation from 2 to 4 please") and then all went back to our hotel room to relax during the hour wait for a table.

After returning to the restaurant I was surprised to see the reservation list stating "party of 8". Hmm, funny error.

I was surprised when the hostess actually led us to a table for 8.

I turned around and was REALLY surprised to see these four!

If I'd known what was going on Friday night I would have brought my camera and taken pictures at the restaurant and then later at the bowling alley. This picture was taken at church this morning. Friday night will just have to live in my memory!

It turns out the guys were all in on it together, surprising the wives.
Note: If you want to keep a secret from Jamie do not, I repeat do not, send emails on the subject to her and Joey's joint email account. Joey did point out, however, that it would have been pretty tough to drive three hours away "for dinner" all the while trying to pretend that they wouldn't be seeing us.


Child #4 said...

Keith should wear a belt. Seriously, that's elementary.

Joey said...

Funny, I actually thought the same thing this morning.

Keithslady said...

My fault, I've been bad at belt enforcement with my growing sons. I get tired of trying to keep track of them since they lose them all the time (translated that means they end up with the toys after being used as lassoes, ropes, and leashes).