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Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Dolly Girl!!

Little Miss Lisa was seven yesterday. Her birthday marks the anniversary of what I always look back on as an amazing string of events, but more on that another day.

Lisa wore a home made crown (by Bryce) all day because she was the princess--actually she said she was the "king", she went right for the top of the command chain. Here she is with Rich and Susie. They were over the the afternoon with their daughter, Tracy. At one point Lisa looked sorrowfully at me and said, "All three of my sisters are gone." (Ellen in Guyana, Dana and Mary away for the weekend.) I told her our friends added two more girls just for her.

Susie brought some flowering tea and made a pot for Lisa. Here was the reaction:


She was much happier with gift opening and dessert. I kissed her for choosing rootbeer floats!

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